Tuesday, 30 December 2014

First Impressions: Warlords

So, Warlords has been out for a while and I thought a first but kind of late impressions post would be a good place to start the new blog, so here goes! 

The leveling experience.
I really enjoyed leveling, Shadowmoon Valley is my favourite zone for quite a few reasons. Gorgrond seemed the easiest to level through and Spires is my least favourite at the moment though I've not completed Frostfire at level 90 (completed it at 100 after a faction transfer) so I'll withhold judgement there. 

I love my garrison even though I'm still getting to grips with using my followers to their full advantage. The only down side I've found to them is, I used to love having a little spot in a city where I'd chill out with guildies and have giggles and what not, but there is always /g for that. 

I took a long break from raiding in Mists, not through choice but due to some rather complicated personal reasons. I'm really enjoying getting back into it and Highmaul has some pretty fun fights in my opinion, though it's not the best looking raid in the world. They're Ogres though so I can't really say this is a surprise.

Everything else
I'm not really a big fan of having another horde and orc centric expansion and I'm really hoping we get a nice lump of burning legion content to look forward to. As far as flying is concerned, I'm not really bothered either way, I can use my flying mounts while doing old content which I do a lot of. I think it's nice to see ground mounts being used again.
So for the most part I am really enjoying thus expac so far, it has been the expac of new beginnings for me too and I'm happier in game than I have been for well over a year. A combination of having new content and finally being in an active guild where I can make friends and raid again has made the last month pretty awesome.

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