Thursday, 8 January 2015

Rambling About Twilight Highlands

While waiting for a rare to spawn, there I am on the right, waiting and flying around to a different spawn point, then waiting again... I got to thinking, my first thought was, why have I never thought to tame that pretty lion before and my second thought was, I really didn't value the beauty of the Twilight Highlands in Cata.

This was my least favourite of the Cata zones. Hyjal was beautiful and is still one of my favourite to level through, Vashj'ir, though awkward at times had a pretty cool story and going inside those ancients? that was pretty funky. Deepholme I fell in love with because, well I don't know why. Uldum was fun and had pretty shiny templey thingies and then thee was Twilight Highlands. My first experience of this zone was not at all enjoyable and it felt like 84 to 85 took aaaages even though it was less then a day. I don't know there was just something I didn't get along with here, but really, what's not to like?  There's dragons, dead ones which made me rather sad, and that may seem like a very simple way of putting it but who cares! There's a load of Twilight evilness, and for me there were also many deaths of my hunter. Really that's about all I took out of my first experience of the place so I guess looking back at that I'm not surprised I wasn't a fan.

But let's get back to today. There I was flying around thinking, well this soundtrack is rather nice, I've not heard it in a while and I found myself getting a little carried away and flying around to one of the creepiest but for some reason one of my favourite places in game, the Maw of Madness, look at it! It's not right to find that place pretty is it... I know, I worry for myself too.  Then I got to thinking well, this isn't such a bad zone after all, I usually avoid it completely now while I'm leveling but I may make and exception for my next character and actually go back and visit and see if it is really as bad as I remember.  All of Azeroth deserves a second chance right?

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