Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Fox Made me Do It

This is something I'd not really thought about until a couple of weeks ago and I will explain why in a moment, but the general idea was, that I'd like to bring a little of my spirituality into my gaming life.

So here she is, this is Charmer, she's my newest pet and I've had her for a couple of weeks now. She's named after a fox from one of my favourite cartoons as a child, the Animals of Farthing Wood. If any of you have ever seen me mention my spirit beast Dreamer, she's also named after a character from the same program, though Dreamer is a cat named after a fox and Charmer is a fox named after a fox.

Lately, I'd say from about mid December, I've had foxes coming into my life in many different ways which is one way a spirit animal will enter your life, either by showing up everywhere or via meditation and so on. Usually I'd pay attention to the animal, learn a bit about it and accept that it's going to be around for a while and try to learn form the animal or figure out hwy it is around at the moment. The thing with the fox though is, I've always been drawn to foxes even as a young child.  One of my favourite things as a youngster was a plushie fox keyring which I took everywhere as well as several larger plushes and toys and, of course, the foxes in Farthing Wood (they were my favourite characters).  We also used to have foxes living near by and I loved staying awake listening to them, especially when the cubs were playing in spring.

I'm rambling a little aren't I, sorry!

My foxes of late have come in many different forms and I felt the urge really to go with the flow and tame one in WoW.  I wanted to have my spirit animal with me and try to form a connection with it more than I have with any other animal. I grow fond of my hunter pets as I am sure a lot of you other hunters do and they become my friends or like real pets to me, so this seemed like a good option when I was looking for a way to connect with my spirit animal a bit better.

So that's how I've brought a little bit of my spirituality into my gaming world.

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