Saturday, 17 January 2015

The Day we Broke Ulduar

Ok in all fairness there have been many days when we have broken Ulduar, there was the time when everything was neutral to me and I was able to click the floor in Algy's room and make is vanish... But I don't -think- I have the screencaps form that anymore, if I do they're hidden away in the depths of an external.

Thursday happened to be Ulduar day this week so off we (a guildie and I) went. Everything was going fine and easy as you would expect until we downed XT and found we were still stuck in combat and were getting DBM messages from the Razorscale fight. We can back, killed the mobs that were still there and that seemed to fix the issue.

Or did it?

*dramatic music*

A few minutes later, we're stood waiting for Algy to spawn and we get put into combat again, from out of nowhere one of Razorscales larger adds spawns, abruptly gets killed by my imp and then despawns.

Finally had chance to screencap one on our way down to Vezax but these guys were popping up all the way through, I'm sure we had one spawn on Thorim to but I may have been imagining things.

So, that was the day we broke Ulduar, I'd love to hear your tails of breaking raids and having strange things happening!

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